Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Food Storage

So a few questions I am often asked are:
"Why bother with food storage?"

"Where am I supposed to put it once I get it?"

"How can I possibly buy food storage when I have enough trouble just buying what I need for now?"

"How much do I need"

"If I don't know how to use it what good is it?"

Honestly those are all great questions. They are the same questions I had. I mean honestly, what good is storing "wheat" if you don't know how to use it! I guess you could barter with it but more then likely it is going to sit and go bad and turn out to be a waste of $$$$ and no one want that.

So lets start with the first question: Why bother with food storage?   Well the simplest reason I can give is because you don't want to starve! And if you have a family the last thing you want to do is watch your family starve! Shoot me in the head please... if I have to watch my children go hungry I am done for! I can imagine no worse feeling then that!

Second reasons are easy too, Job layoff, sickness, weather, gives you a sense of security and safety knowing you are still in control. Having to depend on others for the basic needs is a horrible feeling when you don't know "who" those others are or "if"   they are worthy of your trust! Knowing that you can stay put in a time of emergency will give you more peace of mind then you can imagine. I have been lucky that I have had the privilege of being with people when they have had some unseen disaster hit, and from doing so I have learned a few things and one is that being in ones home makes a world of difference!

Second question: "Where am I supposed to put it when I get it?" This is a big one! Space for a lot of us is limited but you can easily store 3 months of food storage. And that is a starting point! I have some great articles I am going to post later on where and how you can disguise your food storage. You can even make it look like furniture (I promise) . And what kind of peace would you have knowing that you have yourself and family taken care of for 3 months! 90 days can be a the difference between life and death, going insane with worry or knowing that you have time to figure out your next step, and just knowing that you have time gives you the control you are going to need to handle the situation.

Third question: "How can I possibly buy food storage when I have enough trouble just buying what I need now?" This question is actually very easy... You start one can at a time. If you have a goal you don't start at the end of where you want to go, you start at the beginning and the beginning of food storage is one extra "whatever" at a time. Not many of us have lots of $$$$$ sitting around but each of us has an extra $ or two. And with that extra dollar we buy one or two cans of something we know we are going to eat. It might be a can of tuna, a bag of beans or maybe a chocolate bar of two (yes you must have chocolate or I MUST have chocolate) and you sit aside for the future. You put it in your cabinet knowing that one extra is your first "baby step" and that you have started your journey! Now some other great ways is coupons! OK I know not everyone like or wants or has the time for coupons however( but I swear) they are worth the energy! Every 50 cent coupon you use put 50 cents back in your pocket. And if you shop at Kroger or Dillons they have made it so easy! But I will have a different post on that. More to come....but we need to get back to the questions...

Fourth question: "How much do I need?" Start small, baby steps but set a goal. 3 months is a great start.  I have some great info I will share that will help you create a step by step plan so you know that you have 90 days of food in storage taking one step at a time.

Ok last quetion: ""If I don't know how to use it what good is it?" Here is where you use the plan. BUY what you eat! Eat what you buy. Simple ..."no?"  Don't get all caught up in the "food storage" trap. Food storage is not 50lbs of wheat unless you know how to cook it, you like eating it, and you are comfortable using it. Now I will tell you through time and test you can be that person. I am that person, my family eats wheat all the time and they don't know it. But that takes time (something I have a lot of) and some talent (something I have little of but am getting better at).
Ok so there are the questions answered. Hope that helps and that you are ready to get started.

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