Saturday, January 22, 2011


This blog is here to lend a voice of warning, to call out to all those who will heed the warning that I feel burns deep within my heart. This blog will serve as my way to share what I learn, what I gather, and what I can teach to those who are willing to hear. This blog is not here for the stories of my life but for the learning I do. I hope the Lord will guide each key I type. I hope that this information will give at least one family a chance to better survive the trials that are coming. I am not someone who has seen visions, or believes that life is nothing but doom and gloom BUT I do see the warning signs and I am listening and seeing what is going on around me and refuse to sit back and do nothing when there are so many amazing people out there I care about. I am preparing because I don't want my family to suffer and I am sharing because I don't want your family to suffer. But my family can not take care of all the families out there so it is... My CRY from the watchtower.

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